Disinfection Robots powered by Motorcortex AI

World’s first fully autonomous disinfection robot with UV-C and electrostatic spray (ESS) capabilities

Effective Disinfection

Dexterous arm ensure no blindspots, especially for high-touch surfaces

Auto Schedule

Easy scheduling and deployment


Auto-generated reports allow easy compliance with health and sanitation standards set by CDC

Autonomously navigates and sanitizes between spaces

Disinfection path is planned around spaces to be sanitized such as seating, common and staff areas autonomously.

Autonomously navigates from one areas to another

Autonomously maps and navigates its path between areas while maintaining safety around people.

Pay per use

No CapEx. Pay based on number of spaces and common areas sanitized

About Us

Built by team of robotic experts and biologist from CMU, Stanford and MIT with over 10 years of combined experience in autonomous robots